Thursday, 16 June 2011


Can you believe that the holiday is gonna be over in 3 days?! I can't :(

..because I've been sleeping mine away.

Everyday I wake up to this pink bear with this angle and it's foot facing me. My first teddy bear btw. So if any of you ever gave me a teddy as a gift, it'll be placed on top of my bed since there's no space for me to place them else where in the room.

Every morning I wake up to this warm, cozy colour due to the curtain, makes me want to never get out of bed! That is why I tend to be the last one to get ready when it comes to school days. How can I not fall back asleep with such warm tone?!

Looking at this picture makes me yawn -_-

Stephen gave this to me last year. I still suspect that he installed a camera in it coz he so dangerous and perverted lol he's gonna tell me how heart broken he is if he saw what I just typed.

Those nights where I can't sleep, I'll always turn to my laptop for movies ^_^

I look horrible in the morning. Especially when I didn't had enough sleep. CAN YOU SEE THE UNEVEN EYES AND DARK CIRCLES? Terrifying. I wonder if my husband would be scared to death and fall out of bed or not next time seeing this the first morning of our day together as a married couple T_T


All night long doing this.

Nerd word.

THIS RIGHT HERE IS THE SEXIEST BEAST ALIVE. HAHAHAHAHAHA he was really sleeping. He have always had nice sleeping postures. "Creative" ones LOL

I've got Patrick Star under my nooooose.

And that's the end of it.

Weighed myself yesterday and surprisingly, I dropped 3kgs!!!! CAN FLY ALREADY YOU KNOW. I think I can still manage to drop 2 more kgs because I wanna hit my target of losing 5 kgs this holiday. Hopefully I'll hit the 5kg mark before school reopens. A little hard work would eventually pays off.

3 more days till we're back to school so spend your 3 days wisely :D

Till next time! xx

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