Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Went out with the girls today after awhile. Not all of us made it though because some were still overseas but twas major fun! Hadn't been this much fun for such a loooong time already.

TCC just got back from Singapore few days ago or was it just the day before yesterday. She bought all of us a pack of Sticky Candy and I specially loooove the Singapore ones because there's much more option to opt for. Not to mention she also bought a lot of different types of flavor for us to pick ^_^

Lim-ed teh with the girls at Tea Box since twas the most appealing looking one when we looked down from the 3rd floor coz the counter was so bright! They even played all the nice nice songs while we were drinking our drinks :)

Too cute!!

Our first picture this year ♡

Dinner was at Pastamania because Xinni and I never went there before. As usual, we were the loudest in the restaurant LOL the total amount of our dinner was BND$40.40 and we thought that the number looked decent so all of us decided to buy Magnum 4D HAHA no joke, we did. 5 big 5 small aaaaaaaaaaand guess what? We didn't win anything -_-

Loving Sticky Candy all the waayyyy. I chose this btw..

One of the Singapore Air Force Band member the other day :"wahlao, very low maintenance eh!"

The first one I took out of the packet was..

"AH BU DEN??!"

A tiring day it was.. I gtg and watch Toy Story 3 now.
Till next time! xx

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