Sunday, 12 June 2011

Pointless entry

Woke up at 8am in the morning today due to my crazy tuition teacher. Well, it was suppose to be in the afternoon but I wanted to go RBRC to burn some carbs and Zanna also asked me to play squash with her since it would be her first time playing it so I had to sacrifice my beauty sleep ~

Didn't sleep well last night because twas a one an a half hour sleep :( have to blame myself for pulling an all nighter for the past few days which caused me to be completely restless.

Gyming was productive today! Burned a 100 calories on the treadmill, then another 100 on the cycling thingy. Went playing squash with my brother while waiting for Princess Zanna's arrival. It took her forever -_- We gossiped and had girly talks like usual. Overall, a Sunday well spent on exercising. At one point, I thought I can put on anything fitting because I felt slim wtf

Obviously, no one reads my blog (LOOK AT THE COUNTER STAT) and the reason to this is I haven't told much people about it. Though I did mention it on Twitter but don't think anyone were bothered with it. Plus, no one's really that active in the blog sphere anymore. Who am I suppose to link?? Either most of them have their blog privated or they don't blog at all. The only person I know who still can keep up with blogging is Zimah. She's such an enthusiastic blogger.

Unsure what to do with mine. Still thinks that it needs something more but I'm not sure what..

Till next time! xx  

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