Friday, 10 June 2011

Sleepless Night..

I've been up since 12am just now trying to figure all of the new improved blogger that lets you upload bulk, like finally! The thing is, I don't know if it's only me (i think its only me fml) or other people face it too but does it really take that much of a time to successfully upload everything?! I don't know whether if it's because the size of my picture that's making it take so long or whatsoever, I just need a solution!! I want to blog about BIT soooooo bad!

Moving on to my life..

The other day on Parents Day, I went along with my family to take my report card because for this term, I sorta expect a better result and less complaining from the teachers since I HAVE been a good noodle in class ^_^ - went there and sat with my mom, turns out everything was good, except for Geography = lifetime nemesis. For the first time in school, I got highest for Math in my result sheet LOLOL personal best ok! T.Chang knows that I have tuition for her sub, which means she won't think that I'm naturally good in Maths alreadyyyy T_T (i know i never were 'naturally' good at it but atleast making the teacher think that way of me feels good whatt). Sad life I have.

So far, my holidays have been good and not boring at all! Though I haven't did anything productive YET but I have a feeling I will be very productive till I won't have enough sleep or something like that wtf ok la lamest yet to come sense, yet, I am so sure! It's alright, I don't get what I'm saying here anyway.  

Been thinking of creating a Formspring account.. Not sure why all of a sudden with that decision but yeah, just feel like having one. Oh and fyi, I lost all my smileys for Blogger. Tried installing it all over and following all the things that I did last time but my smileys just didn't show up like how it used to be :( I don't know why ah all the things never go my way anymore; not that it ever went my way, the fact that everything was better last time *BIG SIGH*

Nowadays, I've been more lugubrious than ever.

Sometimes I wonder how falling in love feels like. Most certainly not desperate for a relationship right now and with my uncertainties with everything? Don't think so. Falling out of love seems so.. dark.

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