Thursday, 15 September 2011



I’m blogging out of boredom so excuse me if nothing makes sense in this entry Open-mouthed smile

Spent my recent holiday over KK. I’ve got the house there to myself most of the day because my dad had to work and it isn’t even something bad. The best thing about getting out of Brunei? No more turtle Internet speed. Twas a good time to catch up with all the series I’ve been longing to watch.


With the awesome companion along with junks = happy me  Princess



Mira’s moving to Kuala Lumpur by end of this year and the worst part is that she’s leaving school by end of this month –_- We’ve been friends since Primary 1. We were classmates from P1-P3 and during P6. Then I started being in the same class as her again since last year. We’re suppose to be in the same class till we graduate but seems like it’s not going to happen anymore Crying face 

Why is everyone leavingggggg??



Single Mingle Pringle Triangle.

My right eye just twitched.. Something bad is going to happen to me wtf


Bought this sling bag the other day at Miri. So casual and simple, definitely love!

Test 2 ended today. I’ve been uber restless for the past 2 weeks. Sleeping at 5 in the morning for 6 consecutive days was absolute torment. Complete savage. Sort of..

Anyway, like every other typical umm.. My camera managed to take pictures of me whilst studying my membranes out.


My bed be the most untidy pile of crap when it comes to exam week. There would be my laptop, kazillion pieces of paper, exercise book, textbook, revision book, pencil case, calculator and pillows on it. Frustrating.





Plus the cottage cheese thighs moii was sitting on the bed, thus, decreasing the surface area of my bed.


Got back a couple of my papers back and I must say that I’m quite happy with it. I’m so anxious to know what would be my mark for Bio and Geography!! For what I think, I’d be flunking Chemistry coz twas the hardest paper, everrrrrr.


I love taking random pictures when I’m bored.

Because of all the late nights, my acne has been breaking out like crazy. Redness, bumps and all the shit you guys could’ve been through. I know how my pimple works. They’d be creepin’ on my face when I don’t get sufficient amount of sleep.

What happened to your face??

                            Why your face become like this already?!

    Eh your face very red leh!

                                        Lol so many pimples hor your face.

                                How come your face got so many pimples one?


Everyone had to remind me how horrible my skin condition is. Like got 6829 swords shoved in to my heart at once wtf

Overall, I’m already fixing my skin and I wouldn’t have to face giving my self more pimples until finals come.

This year have most certainly flew by ~

I’m out of words to say.

Till some other time! x

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