Thursday, 19 July 2012


Woke up at 8AM today just to have breakfast with a few of my classmates (Lynne, Wen Bin & Samuel). My day was definitely well spent Open-mouthed smile 

Had breakfast at Bello Café (the eggs benedict was really good)and went to catch The Dark Knight Rises at 11.30am and the movie was 2hrs++++ long. Twas not bad? 6.5/10

Lynne then had to go for music class at 3.30pm and left me with Samuel & WB since the uncle have to send me home along with Samuel. Before WB sent us home, we went to Pastamania, Bunut to have our lunch; which was around 4pm++

It was actually fun having lunch with them because I found out about so many things and they were really open about some personal stuff that got me quite hooked Who me? Though, they were constantly satirizing me with one of their “friend”(complete bstrd).

Anyway, after lounging at the restaurant for an hour or so, I made the both of them go cycling with me at my neighborhood and twas the funniest thing, ever.


So, yesterday, I was really miffed at this person and thought that today would be even worse. But I thought wrong. Because of today’s outing, it made me realize there’s so much more in life than being upset over something that’s temporary. I’m not certain how it made me feel better in just a day but, I guess I finally came to my senses? Albeit I can’t guarantee how I’ll feel tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or for the upcoming days – I’d like to try to keep the positivity up Smile

Over-thinking may suck loads, especially if you (me) can’t stop over-thinking throughout the WHOLE day and your thoughts are just worsened by the hour, sitting there, being irrational etc.

As long as I’m able to be more care-free and think on the bright side for myself, I hope I’ll be competent to not be miffed easily by that person..

Haha ok, enough for my feelings.



Till some other time!! x

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