Sunday, 27 November 2011

Exchange training programme w/ CHMMB

First thing’s first, I just want to let you know that I’m really proud of my year end papers coz twas unexpectedly good! The result came out with all the effort I put in during exam week, especially for Biology and Geography Thumbs up AWESOME FEELING.
^ How I was studying for Geography. Also, I’d like to thank the class monitor (who shall not be named) for copying all the Geo notes on Friday class when I was absent because without those notes, I don’t think I’d even pass the 2 papers. Really appreciate it Red heart


Moving on to the Miri trip our band had. We went to SMK Chung Hua Miri for an exchange training programme with them to improve on everything since our band is very umm.. appalling. Definitely had an awesome time with the students there. They’re all so friendly and super modest!
Pocky stick on a kuih wtf ok fail English

The road trip was a bumpy, noisy and tired one.

Stephanie with her “I’m a fortunate child with ice-cream” face.

Alai with her morning smile and I love food picture. All of us were required to wake up crazy early during the stay over there because since we have 5 girls in one room and we need to wash our hair and it’d take forever. We were staying at Imperial Palace and frankly speaking, the hotel is quite grand.

Us with our Potterhead shirt Open-mouthed smile

I’m so lucky to have friends who are willing to give me leg massages. Refer to the pics below Smile with tongue out

Ohoho does any of your friends would be disgusting enough to touch your legs?

Pak Idrus’s fish eye camera. He’s the one behind on the left.

The leftover fries the guys left in our room. The reason I took this picture is because Lynne actually tried one like WTF it was all soggy looking Sick smile bleh.

She’s like the second Angelina. Constantly spamming my cam with their vain pics tsk tsk.

I look odd..

This may look wrong but I was just trying to tie the rope thingo on my shorts.

4 of them bought these flats for around RM39 each coz everything was on sale. Too bad there’s no size for me. I have man feet.. Crying face

Sexy Viel.

With Irene the gila.

Someone was being down Eye rolling smile


Forgot to mention that we were all practicing by sectional so the only people that Stephanie, Nadhirah and I got close with is the CHMMB’s saxophonists. They’re all guys and we’re all girls. Suppose they have another girl in their section but she was on hols.

I love each and every moment with all of them because we’re always caught laughing and fooling around. Not to mention, the noisiest among all sections ^_^

The one in a black tee is Aquila and also the section leader (15), the one in white is Jeremy (13), the one in light pink is Alvin (16) and the one in blue is Adriel aka Ariel (15). They all look older than their age right (except for Jeremy)?! Actually most of their band members look older than they really are.

Not everyone from their band is in the group photos because they were absent for the dinner Sad smile
A lot of things happened in between but I’m just too lazy to list things out right now. For example we had fundamental training and lessons and all the stuff lah. Most of the detailed photos are with the journalist I guess?

We might be going back on January again YAAAYYY.

End of story.


Yeah I know.. This entry isn’t as interesting and it’s either because of my blogging skills or this post is just pointless. It’s definitely my blogging skills LOL. Sorry.
Till next time! xx

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