Friday, 31 August 2012


In about less than 2 months, I’ll be taking the exam that all my family and relatives have been awaiting for and through out 12 years of getting educated at school, I’m finally about to sit for O Levels. This exam determines whether you’re getting a better future or not and it’s sersly stresses me out knowing that if I were to have crap results, I’d be a disgrace to both sides of my family and a complete failure, fml.

I know that I can do it but I just tend to be more.. Sluggish. My straight A cousin whom have been studying her membranes out have, of course, been studying even more and I’m just here, sitting, typing and not doing anything useful that would ever be helpful for this upcoming exam. I’m really afraid that I won’t be able to get flying colours, but, who can blame the results when the examinee didn’t exert effort, right?

So, if I end up receiving worthless grades, I only have myself to blame. At times, I get really mad at myself because I’m a very 半途而废 person whenever it comes to revising Steaming mad From holding a book and writing in the study room downstairs, I can end up upstairs in my parent’s room holding the iPad and watching tv at the same time whilst drinking/eating (so fat), sigh..

Also, recently, my parents gave me more lectures about life, the importance of life, what to do in life if I cannot be competent and I’d be ship to Cambodia for labour if my O Levels have shitty outcomes (lol kidding).

Hopefully, I’ll eventually come to my senses, like, tomorrow and make my parents proud *wishful thinking I don't know smile


Till then.. Fingers crossed

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